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Existing system

Existing System The existing Placement cell was not so continent because of maximum manual work. All the work that is done until now is done by human intervention. As all the work is done manually, there were maximum chances of errors. The interface of student and administer is maximum. Due to the above problems, every procedure becomes time-consuming. The records were stored in modified access sheets hence sorting the problem. The files were not stored hierarchical format hence searching problems.

Also, the updating was very difficult and ambiguous. The duplication of records was usual hence data redundancy. The students were not being made aware of the TnP activity hence there might have been a loss of opportunities. The Access sheets were less optimized e.g. suppose we want students having 2 ATKT then the student with 0,1,2 ATKT were select whereas required result is only of 2ATKT. The system now could not take an acknowledgement from the students attending to particular event hence lots of confusion at the last moment.

There were fewer interfaces between student and TnP department. There was no record kept of the past students. There was less communication between past or present student with the TnP department.

Design Goals

In this paper, we try to solve the problem of student and the staff for using the training and placement details by adapting the automation of this cell.

So goal of our project are:

  • Reduces the work pressure of the T/P cell staffs
  • Provides the statistics of students placed
  • Informing students about the events going to take
  • Easy retrieval of student data

Smart TPO System

Traditionally the job of registration was done manually bypassing the registration form to the students. But this was too much time consuming and also erroneous. So the major need was for the automation for registration by online registration by students themselves.

The files in which the data is stored is stored in Access file sheets that too separately for each class of department, so the files could be accessed by anyone accessing the computer. These files may be „confidential‟. So there is a special need for security. The Calculations done until now was done manually and fed into the access sheets. So the need arises for the automatic calculation of average/aggregate.

The modified access sheets were not that efficient as, when we want to select students having 2 ATKT then the student with 0, 1, and 2 ATKT were select whereas required result is only of 2 ATKT. As mentioned earlier the data was stored separately for classes of each department the problem of searching was time-consuming and as well the duplication could occur. So there is a need for a centralized hierarchical structure.

The only method for notification until now is by notice board which is not reliable. To countermeasure this problem the notification can be sent by E-mail and mobile SMS. The alumni data is insufficient and is out of reach of the students. So this is a proper method to employed to store the alumni data.

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