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Manage, Customize, Collaborate

Deal with various universities, colleges, divisions, departments, branches and courses. Pick what information to gather from students, even include your own particular inquiries. Work together with your colleagues to accomplish objectives of more aggressive.

  • Include collaborators at various levels with various permissions
  • Include a couple of colleges from a Single Instance.
  • Modify logo, letterhead, reports
  • Make custom excel formats for information send in form of reports.
  • Make time-saving on a rush to notice boards, on accessing the application at their stay.

Specify complex eligibility criteria for job profiles during company campus drives. Invite applications from students before a deadline, manage to hire workflow, announce venue and timings and share documents with students. Easily manage a list of applicants, see students' progress through different stages of hiring. Export list of applicants to Excel and download all resumes as a zip.

  • Smart Clients information Management and Requirement Creation & Posting.
  • Using SSIS/SSIM (Smart Students Information System/Management) and just a tap to reach out target students through notifications/SMS.
  • Smart Placements System/Management - with each phase automated information and smart filtered data, all the placements management brought to your fingertips.