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Smart Students Information Management(Smart SIM)

Smart students information management helps you easily store and track large amounts of student information. SmartSIMs fully automated features help students build a profile with ease and admin to organize, fetch data at fingertips with the help of smart filters.

The software for the training and placement cell of a college is a vital need for the students and the institute management for the purpose of proper placement and training of the aspiring students of the institute. It helps the students to provide their profiles to the training and placement cell of the institute, update their respective profiles (with their gradual approach towards course end), get to know about the companies coming for the on-campus/off-campus/pool/group pool categories of campus interviews.

Under this system, all the students of the ongoing (current) batches of various streams can register their profiles. The training and placement cell (t/p cell) remains in continuous touch with all the students of the institute time-to-time.This dedicated software for the institute's t/p cell can be expanded to the various machines in the institute and can be accessed by the students as well as by the administrator (TPO in charge).The system remains connected with the profile databases of the various students to continuously monitor the variety of scopes available for the students' placement.


This project is mainly intended for automating this procedure that can help the people who belong to the T&P cell by saving their time, based on this basic operation Actually their activity is under two steps the first one is, to maintain the list of students and their credit records.The second job is to maintain the company details and based on the company requirements, need to select the students and make the list of students branch wise, which is more complex task, and here informing is through notice boards, whereas this is also a bit old-fashioned task, which can be automated in our proposed system by sending emails to the respective candidates II. Existing system and Proposed System.

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