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SmartHire provides a full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for all kind of applications. Our expert test engineers’ team is always central part of every project we work on to ensure the deliverables meet the most rigorous quality standards.

We also leverage our QA expert pool to provide standalone testing services by means of custom-tailored dedicated QA teams. Clients will be reported directly by a dedicated team who works exclusively for them and closely collaborate with the client’s staff. This method has proven very effective for mid- and long-term projects that require definitive resource scalability and product knowledge retention.

From planning and strategizing, through to managing and conducting testing, we have all capacities to support all small-scale to major programs with a flexible change. Our team is expertise in delivering static and dynamic testing, manual and automated testing, across functional and non-functional aspects of change.

We can deliver our services by work in an embedded manner with you, or simply provide an advice and guidance based on your requirements. We benefit our clients by thorough training ensuring your team builds capability, and processes. We aim to leave you in a better place than when we are first engaged.

Leverage our know-how advantages of faster time to market, cost saving, test complicated business logic & SmatHire Automation Framework

-Bang the market with courage

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